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What is People & Places?

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People & Places is a practical alternative to a traditional mainstream learning platform for Special Educational Needs schools. It can help make the transition process seamless and support a young person during their educational years throughout the school or college.

It becomes an interactive ‘Home-Link’ book, accessible to all the professionals around the student who are then able to look holistically at the student's life and beyond the 9am-3pm day. They can identify where aspects of the curriculum can be taught in a person-centred way to give the young person the tools to make things happen in their lives outside of school.

After leaving school or college and moving into adulthood, the student is able to carry on using the People & Places to keep in touch with their family and friends, help them make choices and plan their day to day lives, see what’s going on around them in their community and the support that’s available to help then achieve a good life.

Person Centred Planning

As Person Centred Planning is rolled out through adult social care it will become the key tool for individuals and their families to identify if services are working for them. Those same families are now saying how valuable these tools would have been while they were in those transitional years.

In schools, young people from the age of 14 (yr9) will be supported to think about their future and what skills they will need when they are adults. Every year they will have a person centred review [PCR] that will help everyone think about what progress the last year has made on these skills and help decide how the school can adapt their lessons to make even more progress. PCRs are a fun and visual way for a young person and their family to see how all the services ‘fit’ and how they are all contributing to help the student achieve their life goals.

Adult services have realised that they need to be engaging with young people and their families a lot earlier if they are to forward plan their services and budgets. They also understand that helping young people to identify their aspirations and goals for the future, and then working in partnership with schools and colleges to embrace those aspirations and work towards those outcomes, means that each young person has the opportunity to arrive at the point of transition in a more skilled and prepared state, have wider choices and more confidence to try new things.


How does People & Places sit with Education and Transition?

'Every Child Matters' and 'Aiming High' are government strategies that require local educational establishments to work holistically towards a meaningful way in which services enable disabled young people to reach their potential in life. Working in partnership with families and using a 24/7 approach, lessons can be ensured to be purposeful. These strategies require that Person centred Reviews are a integral part of a young person’s education, as it helps them begin to make choices and take control over their lives.

The transition from school/college services to adulthood can be particularly difficult for any young person with a learning disabilities and though some individuals are able to successfully transition, most are faced with significant obstacles in multiple areas as they attempt to negotiate their way into adult services, work, community participation, housing and independent living. This has happened because Local authorities often rely on old information and do not ask families the right questions early enough to enable them to plan ahead. People and Places offers young people and their families a unique and powerful way to remove a lot of unnecessary barriers and ‘lack of opportunities’ just by having a collective voice that services can draw on for information for planning future provision. By harnessing the PCP information from everyone on the site, it is possible to tell services where there is a need [within a postcode area] when it will be needed, how many will require it! If families begin this process back in school through their PCRs, there will be better chance their child and their friends will have a greater choice when they reach Adulthood.

Circle of Support

What is a Circle of Support?

Circle of Support is a group of people who help somebody accomplish certain personal visions or goals. The young person can have up to five members of their Circle of Support group working with them on the website. If for some reason the member is unable to achieve what they want from their life the Circle of Support will help them. The young person is in charge of deciding who to invite into their circle. The Circle of Support members are usually made up of family members, teachers and social workers, work preparation staff. They will all be looking to see what they can do from their perspective to make the young person’s aspirations happen.

People & Places offers a secure and accessible place that enables an individual and their Circle of Support to keep the child’s individual care, health and educational plans all in a central place where they can each see where they are working on the same things and share valuable resources.
Each of those plans can then be kept on track by looking at the young person’s Person Centred Plan that is always up to date, live and constantly changing with every achievement made!
At any point in time information such as these achievements, work in progress, areas of difficulty still to address and that need further/additional support can be instantly gathered and displayed for an appointment or an annual review.

Being able to celebrate when things are going right and being able to be a source of experience and support for staff when things are difficult is a balance all families would like to achieve.


People & Places also offers Parents an opportunity to exchange ideas, problem solve and share their successes in the 'Good Stories Library' In a positive online forum. Families learning from each others' experiences is an essential way to build confidence to try new things and improve their child’s choices in life.

Those students in their transition years have the opportunity to connect with those in other schools, perhaps asking those in college what it’s like.

Personalisation is being rapidly introduced into Adult services. This is where a person eligible for support from social care or the Health authority, can take a monetary budget equivalent to their support package. There will be an opportunity for Transition Families to connect online through People and places to many families who have achieved this successfully to give support and share their experiences and stories

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